Manaslu Circuit Trek

Panoramic view of mountains that amazes to a trekker like you is found mostly in Manaslu Circuit Trek, which is also a home to a unique culture of the Nupri people, small settlements of the Gurung and Tamang people, and a lush forest of rhododendron, pine, cedar, birch, and juniper.Although this trek means circle,yet if you translate from Nepali into English, it will be “Mountain of Spirit,” and it used to be run only as a camping trek in the early 90s, but with the passage of time and with the opening of lodges, it became a tea-house trek. Along with this change, it became popular among the trekkers. Another reasonfor the popularity is it takes them to the midst of the wild and remote terrain and in front of the massive snow-covered mountains that are likely to touch the world’s clearest sky.

Since Manaslu Circuit Trek comes under the category of an off-beaten trek, solitude is its characteristic. And when it comes to terminology, the name Manaslu Circuit Trek came from Mt. Manaslu, the world’s eighth highest mountain. Apart from this massive structure, other mountains, such as Sringi, Himlung, Cheo, Gyagi Kung, Kang Koru, and Annapurna II are no less because they decorate and beautifythe lonely trekking trail of Manaslu Circuit Trek that later connects to the ancient salt trading route, which tells you about the regional history as you trek; this is also the trekking trail that heads off to the BudhiGandaki River that leads to the symbolic religious objects, such asmani stone-wall, and that directs you to the region of wildlife, which is a home to endangered species, such as snow-leopard. Further,the fluttering of colorful prayer flags enhancesthe beauty of this trekking trail in the most desirable way.

One of the main highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek is the Larkya La Pass, which is your highest achievement in your fields of trekking and in seeing thebreath-taking view, especially of the glaciers and icefall that are around the mountains, such as Manaslu and Himlung.