Our Team

Binod Limichhane

Mr .Binod Lamichhane is educated, qualified, skillful, dutiful, disciplined, physical & mental fitness, capable and fluent in English language. He is a Government trained license holder Guide.He having several years experienced since 2011. He is very polite and knowledgeable. He is one of the best trekking guide in Nepal. He has visited all over Nepal as well as India and TIbet too.He takes great care and provides excellent services to clients and briefs about Nepal and day to day program and their situation. He is very kind and responsible as well as dutiful guide.

Bipin Lamichhane

Bipin Lamichhane is a responsible and very knowledgeable guide. . He has more than 8 years of experience in this field. He has trekked to various Region in Nepal including Everest Region,Annapurna Region,Langtang Region,Manaslu Regin and many more. He has good knowledge about traditional culture of Himalayan Regions of Nepal.His dedication and passion towards travel and trekking can be seen in his job. His simple and cheerful personality makes him adorable and therefore is liked by all.

Dawa Lama Sherpa

Dawa Lama Sherpa is one of the trekking guide in our company. He has more than 10 years of experience as a trekking guide. He has trekked to Various region in Nepal. He has very good knowledge about the culture and regions in Nepal. He has good English skill, so he can communicate well in English language. He is very dutiful and friendly. He makes our clients happy.