Jungle Sufari

Nepal is home to probably the most interesting and uncommon creatures in the whole world. The most captivating and consideration snatching project of jungle safari in Nepal makes you ready to see the wilderness’ common magnificence, winged creature and creatures with the one of a kind convention, culture, dialects and dress of the nearby individuals. Jungle Safari in Nepal is one of the immense methods for unwinding with your family, children and darling one. Ride on elephant back or drive your four-wheeler to view wild creatures in their common natural surroundings or you may escape for a kayak rides on the wilderness streams are primary fascination of this Tour.

Nepal has 14 national parks and untamed life saves a large portion of which have thick tropical wildernesses abounding with various natural life and outlandish feathered creatures. These locales have to a great extent held their indigenous habitats. They each contain a blend of subtropical broadleaf and riverine woods, tropical wetlands and open prairies. We can find extensive quantities of diversion of wildlife in these conservation areas and national parks. Some of the national parks in Nepal are Bardia National Park, Chitwan National Park connected to the Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Sukla Phanta Wild life Reserve, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Shivapuri National Park etc.

During jungle safari, there are several packages like

  • Jeep Safari
  • Boating in local river
  • Elephant Riding
  • Elephant Bathing
  • Bird Watching
  • Jungle Walking
  • Midnight Stay in Jungle

Chitwan National ParkChitwan National park is an UNESCO World Heritage site. This is one of Nepal’s biggest woods save with an extensive variety of untamed life. You can trek into the Jungle on elephant back, by walking with an accomplished trailer, on zeep. RCNP ( Royal Chitwan Nationl Palr) is the last home for around 250 staying jeopardized Asian one-horned rhinoceros. The national park is the home for the rare one horned rhinoceros, a few types of deer, sloth bear, panther, wild hog, crisp water dolphin, crocodile, more than 350 types of fowls and the tricky imperial Bengal tiger. This is one of the best-oversaw national stops on the planet, which covers a territory of 1040 sq. km. It is arranged 160 km southwest of Kathmandu.

Bardia National Park This National park lies in Bardia region. is the biggest national park in the terai district, covering a range of 968 sq.km. Bardiya is the home of a wide variety of animals, many of which live in and around the Phantas. The National park was set up for the protection of tigers and their prey species. At first, a natural life hold, it was extended and gazetted a National Park in 1988.The area comprises of timberlands and private grounds, and is overseen by the recreation center experts and neighborhood groups. More than 350 bird species have been recorded in Bardiya, truly a bird watcher’s paradise. Support zones around the parks are helping further assurance.